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Location – This is a Salesforce Account that is linked to either a Plan or an Activity:

  • A home care nurse may be booked on a shift (Booking) from 8am-2pm at a specific Location (Sydney aged care home), the nurse may have 3 Activities set, each representing a home care visit linked to a separate Location.


Accounts are used to be booked to a shift where staff are required to leave the site to travel to a specific location.

  1. To create an account go to the account tab
  2. Select ‘New’
  3. Fill in the required details. For example, Account name, Address, Phone Numbers etc.



Link Account to Resource Location

To link an account to a Resource to a Resource location start by:

  1. Selecting the Resource that this account is required for
  2. Go to the Related tab > Resource Location > Select New
  3. The resource will automatically fill and Select Location (Account).


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