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Booking – This is the specific time slot a resource is required to fulfil a role in a Plan. For example in the November nursing roster Plan, a nurse role is required each day from 8 am till 2 pm, and another from 1 pm till 9 pm.


The bookings tab is where you can view all of the allocations created on the planner.


  1. To create booking, select New
  2. Enter start and end date for the booking to take place.
  3. For Plan Line add a + New Room. Enter room name (Job Title or Object), Resource Type (Job Title or Object) and Plan.
  4. Enter resource and save.

Bookings can also be created on the Planner screen by:

  1. Selecting the correct resource type line, date and time on the planner and double-clicking
  2. Enter resource, booking display name (name shown on the planner), start and end date/time and save.



  • Select the Start Time Clock Icon, Click on 1:00 and you will be able to select from the options from 1:00 – 1:55.
  • You can drag and drop, increase and decrease the booking on the planner by dragging the corners or moving the entire booking. (Screen similar to the one shown below will appear to confirm change).

View of booking through the planner


View of booking through the planner


Assigning Activites 

Activity – This is a specific activity that is related to an allocation.
  • For example, the 8 am – 2 pm nursing shift has 3 sets of activities (Daily medicine dispensing, Morning Rounds and Specialist Bookings). These would be set as activities on the Allocation.

To assign an activity, open selected booking > Related tab >  select New on Activities line


Next, you can enter in selected information including Activity Name, Start and End times and Location where the activity is taking place.


Log time 

RIO Plan allows you to log time against a Booking and an Activity. To log time against a booking, open the selected booking > Related tab >  select New on Time Logs line

Enter in all relevant information and save.

Tip: You can enter in an Activity in the Activity line below to log time. 


To create a time log against an activity can also be created by opening the selected activity > select the Related tab >  select New on Time Logs line. By completing a time log this way, Activity will autofill


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