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End User Experience

Ensure that you have configured the Mobile View of Planner


Navigating to the Planner

On your mobile or tablet device, select the Menu > Apps > open Planner. Below will show you how to use the planner on Mobile Device, iPad etc and how it will look.


Exploring the Planner Tab

Custom Start and End Date are used to Customize the start and end date to be visible on the planner view.

Today and This Week arrows can be used to go forward and back a day/week on the planner. If you select the Today or This Week button it will bring you to Today’s date or the overall week view.

The filter is used to show and hide plans in the planner. For example, un-selecting Meeting Room will remove from view in the planner making it no longer visible.

Save filter saves the plans and plan lines that have been hidden. This will save no matter how many times you log in and out of your sessions.

Refresh will update the planner view with any filter changes you have made.

View Mine will show you all the Plans that you have access to view.

To hide the Navigation Table from view, you can select the arrow near the Planner.


Checking Bookings

Go to Menu >under Recent > open Bookings

This is where you can view all the bookings assigned against your user


Note: In your profile (if not an admin user) you will only see allocations assigned to your profile).


Checking Activities

If you open a selected booking against your user, you can view any activities assigned.

Open Bookings > select Related Tab > select activities



Example of Activity 


Logging Time

To log time against the booking you need to:

  • Open Bookings
  • Select Related Tab
  • Select Log Time
  • Click +New
  • Enter Hours (Booking will autofill)

Tip: You can link this time log to an activity if required. 



To log time through Activities 

To log time against the activity, you need to:

  • Open Bookings
  • Select Related Tab
  • Select Activites

  • Select Activity that you are logging time against
  • Select the Related Tab

  • Select Time Logs
  • Select +New
  • Enter Hours and booking number (Activity will autofill)


You will also be able to view all time logs against a booking as shown below


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