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How It’s Used

There are two learning options available- Step by Step Procedure and Tutorial Videos.

The RIO Plan terms should be reviewed before you start to Configure.


RIO Plan Terms & Concepts


Below are some RIO Plan terms and concepts used throughout this documentation:
  • Location – This is a Salesforce Account
    • Linked to either a Plan or an Activity:
      • Linking to an Activity may be a home care visit. 
      • For example, a home care nurse is booked on shift (Booking) from 8 am – 2 pm at a specific Location (Sydney Aged Care Home). The nurse may have 3 set Activities to complete upon arrival, each linked to a separate location.
  • Resource Type – Defines the of resources you want to use in your Plans, examples:
    • Barista, Nurse, Janitor 
    • Meeting Room, 
    • Delivery Van
    • Audio visual equipment
  • Resource  –  A Resource links to a Resource Type:
    • This is a person or a thing.  
    • For a person, you could link the Resource to a Salesforce User or Contact. 
    • Resources are also linked to one or more Locations where they are available for booking.
  • Plan – This is your time limited plan. It may be a November nursing roster or the yearly room booking Plan. The Plan will have one or many Roles and can be linked to a Location.
  • Role – This is the Role(s) that are required on your Plan. You can have many but need at least one. The role links directly to a resource type. E.G this may be a Nurse role for your November nursing roster, so it will be linked to a “Nurse” resource type. You can name the role anything you like. It does not need the same name as the resource type.
  • Booking – This is the specific time slot a resource is required to fulfil a role in a Plan.
    • For example, the November nursing roster Plan, a nurses role is required every day from 8 am to 2 pm, and 1 pm till 9 pm.
  • Activity – This is a specific activity that is related to an allocation.
    • For example, the 8 am – 2 pm nursing shift has 3 sets of activities (Daily medicine dispensing, Morning Rounds and Specialist Bookings). These would be set as activities on the Allocation.
  • Time Log – Used on allocations and activities to log time. These calculate the time taken on the allocation or activity based on the start and end time.


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