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Home Visit

Step 1

Start by selecting the New in the Accounts tab.


Step 2

Create an Account name for your Home Visits in this screen.

Enter the Account Name, Phone Number, Address and any other information required.

Before saving make sure RIO Plan Location is ticked.


Step 3

Click View All in the Planner Tab to view the plan you’ve previously created.

HV 3

Step 4

In the Planner tab, double-click on a selected line on the plan to create a booking.

Enter the following:

  • Role – Will autofill 
  • Resource – Will Autofill 
  • Booking Display Name – Name that will appear on the planner
  • Start and End dates
  • Status

Save once completed.


Step 5

When saved, double-click on the booking you’ve just created.



Select New Activity and fill in the below:

  • Name – Activity Name e.g Change Bandages
  • Location – Patients Location
  • Start and End date/time – Activity Details
  • Description – Activity Job

Step 6

Once you have saved the booking and resource name will appear on the Planner.

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