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Room Booking

In this tutorial, we are going to create a Plan that will be used for booking meeting rooms.

The steps involved are:

  • Create the Resource Types
  • Create the Resources and link them to the Resource Types
  • Create the Plan
  • Create Plan Lines for the Plan and link each Plan Lines to a Resource Type
  • View the Plan in the Planner Tab
  • Create Bookings for the Plan to link Resources to Plan Lines for specified time periods


Step 1

To create a Room Booking Roster, you will be repeating most of the steps shown in the Staff Roster.

Start by clicking on Resource Types.

Step 2

This time the Resource Type Name will be named after the Room you plan on using in the Plan


Step 3

Select the Related tab and add your Resource(s) here.


Step 4

Fill in the required fields:

  • Resource Name – Name of the Room
  • Resource Type – Autofill
  • Display Name – Name Shown on the planner
  • Public – When enabled, this resource will be visible to all users

Always make sure Active is ticked before saving.


Step 5

To create a plan, navigate to the Plans Tab and select new.


RIO Plan admins can create a plan through the planner tab (Only available to Admin Users).


Step 6

Select a record type.


Enter the below:

  • Plan Name
  • Start and End Date
  • Check Show on Planner
  • Enter Location
  • Resource Label (Autofill)
  • Plan Line Label (Autofill)


Step 7

Click on Plans in the Planner tab > select the Related tab > click New on the Plan Lines

Enter the following:

  • Plan Line Name – Job Title, Nurse, Doctor, Carer etc
  • Plan – this will be auto-populated with this Plan Name
  • Resource Type – Link to the Resource Type you created earlier
  • Resource – Link to the Resource you created earlier
  • Check Auto Allocate if you want to auto-allocate a Resource to this Role, then select the Resource
  • Order on Planner – Can be used to set the order on the planner
  • Save or Save & New to continue adding more plan lines

Make sure you select Auto Allocate before saving. When you create a Booking in the Planner view, it will automatically select the chosen Resource.

Step 8

Navigate to the Planner Tab. To view your newly created roster click View All.


Step 9

You will now be able to view the roster that you have created. You will also be able to proceed to create some bookings.

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