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Configure Page Layouts


RIO Plan has related fields that have been added into the instance already. However, these related fields need to be manually added into your Salesforce Instance Layout.

Add the following fields to your Page Layouts:


User Page Layout 

Firstly, ensure users have added the RIO Plan Admin field to their page layout. This is for any users that need Admin rights (Create and edit Plans and Roles) to navigate their user record and select the RIO Plan admin checkbox. When you tick this box you will be able to see the +NewPlan button in the Planner Screen.

  •  Go to Setup >Select Object Manager > Select User > User Page Layouts > User Layout 
  • Drag and Drop RIO Plan Admin into page layout (Shown Below)

ul 1


Account Page Layout 

  •  Go to Setup >Select Object Manager > Select Account > Account Page Layouts > Account Layout 
  • Drag and Drop RIO Plan Location into page layout (Shown Below)


Adding RIO Plan Admin to Users

For the ability to create a new Plan, you need to be an RIO Plan Admin. The Salesforce Admin needs to perform the following:

  • Go to Setup > Quick find User > Select Users > Select User that requires RIO Plan Admin
  • Check the Rio Plan Admin flag

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