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Before configuring RIO Plan further, please ensure that you have assigned Licenses and Permission Sets for RIO Plan Users.

Configuring RIO Plan involves the following:

  1. Creating Resource Types:
    • Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker, Delivery Van, Meeting Room, Sales Person, Driver
  2. Updating any Accounts to indicate they are an RIO Plan Location.
  3. Creating Resources
  4. Creating a Plan
  5. Creating Plan Lines for the Plan, linking the Plan Lines to a Resource Type, specifying Auto Allocate if required
  6. Creating bookings for time periods in the Plan, linking the bookings to a resource/plan lines

Create Resource Types

Click Here to find out how to create Resource Types.

Example of the Resource Type Tab Screen.

Identify Locations

Create a new Account record, or use an existing one for each Location that will be used with RIO Plan.

Ensure that the “RIO Plan Location” checkbox is checked on the Account.

Create Resources

Create the Resources that you want to manage with RIO Plan. Specify:

  • Resource Name ( something catchy or just their actual name)
  • Is this Resource a Salesforce Contact?
    • Yes, select the Contact record.
  • Resource Type (Select from the list of Resource types that you have configured previously)
  • Display Name (Pick something short to display on the calendar view for easy identification of this Resource )
  • Is this Resource a User?
    • Yes, select the User record.
    • IMPORTANT that you link this as this will determine what users can see in their view)
  • Public (Select this for resources that you want to be visible to all RIO Plan users. By default normal users will only see their own allocations and Public allocations)
  • Active (This checkbox identifies active users. Deselect this rather than deleting records for resources that are no longer available)

Create a Plan

Navigate to the Plans Tab and create a new Plan, enter a start and end date.

NOTE # you will only be able to Allocate Resources to Plans on dates that fall within the start and end date. E.G if you set a monthly roster for Feb with 1 Feb till 28 Feb dates you will not be able to allocate outside of Feb.

Select a Location for the Plan – if required. (Location is a Salesforce Account with “RIO Plan Location” checkbox checked)

Create Plan Lines for the Plan

Create the required Plan Lines for your new Plan. A Plan Line specifies what resource type you need. You can have 1 or many plan lines on a plan.

In the Resources related tab, select the “New” button on the Plan Lines and configure the following:

  • Plan Line Name (Often this will be the same as the Resource Type name)
  • Plan (The Plan that this Plan Line is for)
  • Resource type for the Role
  • Resource (Will autofill)
  • Auto Allocate Checkbox – When an allocation is made for this role would you like to auto-allocate a resource (used for room bookings for example where the same resource will always be selected.)
  • Order on Planner (Used to set the order on the planner)

Create bookings for the Plan

Create some bookings and start planning. Check out the videos for further information on how to use the Planner

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