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Ensure that you have completed RIO Functions Configuration before creating your resource.


This is your time limited plan. The Plan can be linked to a Location and can have one or many roles allocated. The plan is customizable meaning you can create a plan to last for a month or a year.


Standard Users will need to create New Plans through the Plans Tab.


Creating plan through Plans tab

  • Select the Plans tab
  • Select New
  • Select a Record Type – Either Resource Type or Resource

  • Enter Plan Name, Start and End Date, Tick Show on Planner and save.



Create Plan Lines

  1. From the Plan, go to the Related tab > Plan Lines > New
  2. Enter required information such as:
    Plan Line Name: Name of the Function resource/venue
    Plan: Will automatically fill with the plan created in above step
    Resource Type
  3. Save.
  4. If you navigate to the Planner tab, you’ll be able to view the plan and plan line created above.



View of the plan in the Planner Tab


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