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Trialforce Org

This section of the documentation explains the pre-configured setup in the Trialforce org available from the Appexchange.

How to get a Trialforce Salesforce Org

In the Appexchange listing, click on Get it Now and choose “Continue as Guest”, complete the details and Salesforce will email you a login link. When you login you will have a configured Salesforce environment that supports the following use cases.

Use Case

Melbourne Aged Care Center supports residents with modern and comfortable living. Mary is the head of nurse in Melbourne Aged care who deals with organising ward nurses’ time schedule through RIO Plan in Salesforce.

You will need to install the Trial Version of RIO Plan from the App exchange to see how these features work. Please visit the App exchange here to try the RIO Plan Trial version and click ‘Get it Now’ button to get the Trial Org registered.

Click here to see the instructions on how Mary prepares her Planner.


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