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Use Case 2: Book Schedule and Log Time

Book Schedule

Mary wants to start booking schedule for this week.

1. From the planner tab, Make sure you are looking at this week’s planner view.

2. Double click on any slot to schedule

3. Fill in details and date time then hit Save

4. Mary can also put in some task description. Click on the slot and add in Activity.


5. There’s a change of time and Mary can drag the schedule to extend the hours.

Log Time

John wants to log his time after he has completed his schedule.

1. Login as John (Setup > Users > User > Login)

2. John can view the tasks assigned to him. When he clicks into each tasks, he can also see the description given for each task.

3. Once John has completed his duty, he can also log his time for this duty.


4. You can then log out as John. To go back to RIO Plan view, switch to RIO Plan app.

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