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Use Case 4: New Plans

Melbourne Agecare has outsourced a security company to help run night patrol. Mary can use RIO Plan to track who is on shift.

Follow through below steps to see how Mary creates a whole new Plan from scratch.

New Account

1. From Sample Data tab, click on an Account name Night Safe Security & contacts.

2. On the Account, Mary needs to make sure it is marked as a location and security patrol are created as contacts.

New Plan

1. Create new Plan and name it Security Patrol

New Resource Type & Resources

1. Resource type are like roles, instead of nurses, we need to create a new security personnel role.

2. After saving the new Resource Type, Mary need to create each contact from Night Safe Security as a resource.

3. Create Plan Lines for Resource Type

4. Add Resource Location to Resources. Go to Sample Data tab and click into the newly created resources.

Start Schedule Booking

On the Planner tab, Mary can start booking security patrol.

See use case #2 if you are not sure how to schedule a booking.

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