Dynamics GreatPlains Integration: Item Price Structure

An Item in Dynamics GreatPlains can have one or more different types of ‘Price Level’. One of the complicated types of Price Level is the Price Method. This component is crucial if you are integrating Dynamics GreatPlains with other applications:



So what does this Price Method define for an item’s price? Basically, it has can define how a price of an item is calculated.


Here we have a table showing the types of price method and their price calculation formula:


Price Method
Equation and description
Currency Amount Flat amount
% of List Price List price x price percentage
% Markup–Current Cost Current cost x (100% + price percentage)
% Margin–Current Cost Current cost + [(current cost x price percentage)/(100% – price percentage)]
% Markup–Standard Cost Standard cost x (100% + price percentage)
% Margin–Standard Cost Standard cost + [(standard cost x price percentage)/(100% -price percentage)]