eBay – SmartTurn Integration


We have been approached by numerous customers to integrate eBay and SmartTurn.


The effort to develop the eBay connectivity has paid off as we are now able to sync eBay seller transactions to SmartTurn Sales Orders!


The idea was to ensure that the stock tracking operation is made easy. All items listed on eBay are stored in SmartTurn warehouse inventory system.  For every paid transaction on eBay, a sales order will be created in SmartTurn which will then update the warehouse inventory system.


Using our approach, we can cater for any e-commerce website. With this simplified inventory control,  you will be able to post your item listings on numerous e-commerce websites and use our connector to sync all your sales orders to SmartTurn as a single point of management.


We’re always looking for real customer use-cases, so please feel free to contact us if you have a similar operation running in your organisation.


And if you are interested in knowing the details of our eBay – SmartTurn implementation, please contact us.