Emerging Integration Technology

I’ve spent the past few weeks testing some really interesting integration technologies.  One of our key areas of focus will be SaaS integration solutions and I wanted to take a look at the latest on offer.


It’s amazing how much these tools have evolved over the past year as well as a number of new tools.  I’m going to publish some of the tests that we have conducted onto our new website wedointegration.net, so keep your eye out for that in the next week or so.


I have developed a few standard integration scenarios using common standards such as File Polling, Database access, FTP and Email to name a few.  Next its onto testing integration to SaaS offerings such as Salesforce and Quickbooks online.  The fun continues…


I have to say I have been impressed with the features of some of the tools tested. I was not expecting some of them to be so rich in functionality..  more details to follow as I start to post the results of the testing.