Netsuite: Enable Web Service

1. Enable the Netsuite Web Servic feature

This can be done via Setup > Company > Enable Features. In the example screenshot, we have a tab called “SuiteCloud” and check the “Web Services” checkbox.


2. Assign a Web Service User

Now that your Netsuite is enabled with Web Services feature, you need to have at least a user (we called this an integration user) with permission to user the Web Services. Otherwise, you will be prompted with “No permission to use Web Services feature” when you authenticate via the Netsuite Web Services with the mentioned user.
To assign the Web Services permission, you need to assign the user to a role with “Web Services” permission.
Go to Setup > Users/Roles > Manage Users. Locate and edit the user you want to use for Web Services then navigate to the “Access” tab. From there you can assign the user with a role.


3. Check that the role the user assigned to is granted with Web Services permission

Go to Setup > Users/Roles > Manage Roles. Locate and edit the role assigned to the user. In the Permission (tab) > Setup (subtab), ensure the “Web Services” permission is granted and adjust its “Level” accordingly. We would need the Full access for integration purposes.


4. Check if the role has permission to perform things that you want the user to work on having “Full” Web Services permission is not it.

You need to ensure that the user’s role has the actual permission to perform the operation you want him/her to perform as well. For example, if the user is require to remotely create a customer in Netsuite, ensure the role he/she is assigned has got the permission to do so in Netsuite.
For more details related to Netsuite Web Services, visit the Developer portal.