Enjoy a Lifetime of Student Engagements with RIO Education

All Education Institutions need to be engaging with their students. These engagements should happen before students join and continue during/after graduation. There should be regular check-ins on the student’s journey. Regular check-ins could result in attracting more prospective students, keeping existing students and continuing to build a network with the alumni. 
RIO Education facilitates lifetime student engagement through their features:

Data Insight

  • Understand and target your prospective students.
  • Organise campaigns to reach out to them.
  • Track alumni employment and job industry to promote continuous professional development/education.

Student 360 Degree View

  • View all interactions with each student including first enquiry, credentials, enrollments, session registrations, results, case history and beyond graduation.

Student/Faculty Engagement Portal

  • Broadcast event notifications to alert students making sure they don’t miss any updates.
  • Communications between students and faculty members are encouraged.
  • Underrepresented students can reach out for help and be directed to issues relating to fees, funding or deteriorating results
  • High engagement activity is proven to improve academic performance.

Community Engagement Portal

  • Improve student adaptability (international students) 
  • Set up various student communities to encourage student engagement such as overseas student communities.

Career Advancement

  • Encourage alumni to improve and stay up to date with their skills by presenting professional programs in their location through affiliated campuses (local or overseas).
  • Credit transfer is automatically managed considering they have graduated from the same institution.

Mobile Access

  • A high percentage of society now owns a mobile phone and tasks are mostly performed on the go.
  • Ranging from prospective, current students to alumni, they can easily engage with the institution anytime and anywhere.