Enrollment Made Easy in your Salesforce Student Information System

For every student enrollment, there is a significant amount of administrative work required. One of the prominent requirements is the collection of data information. The current process requires students to fill out certain information when proceeding with their enrollments.
Till date, there is still a significant amount of administrative work when it comes to student enrollments. One of the prominent ones is data information collection. The process requires students to fill up information to proceed with their enrollments. This is done by following the below method:
  • Fill out a physical enrollment form. The admin will then manually input the details into existing SIS based on the details in the form OR
  • Fill out an electronic form – separated from SIS. The admin will then manually import the details into the existing SIS
Did you know that both RIO Education and Salesforce are able to cover this gap?
Salesforce provides the standard function for users to set up online forms, that feed information into RIO Education. This allows students the ability to fill out their information and submit their forms online. The form questions can even be fully customised!
Take a look at how easy it is to set this up here.


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