Explore Student Retention and Attrition Analytics with RIO Education for Salesforce SIS

Let’s explore how Salesforce Einstein Analytics can assist you in analysing student retention and attrition rates.


Being able to analyse this spectrum of information is beneficial for education providers. Why? Because being able to identify reasons for attrition, retention and attrition from differing countries etc help providers with the next course of actions required for improving the attrition rates.


Let’s look at how RIO Education and Salesforce Einstein Analytics works.



  1. First, have RIO Education in place to manage your students and their enrollments
  2. Then, with the data residing in Salesforce, you can set up your dashboards using Salesforce Einstein Analytics


With the use of just a simple toggle of the dashboard components (section of the charts), you’ll see all filtered data based on different dimensions. For example, by citizenship, gender and program enrollments.



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