Forget LDAP, do you want to use Salesforce as your identity store for your SaaS SSO?

You can.


Ping Identity allows you to universally login to your SaaS applications, using Salesforce as your user identity store.


No need to install, configure, manage, maintain and


a local Active Directory or LDAP user store if you don’t want to, just have Salesforce manage the user identities.


What does this mean?

  • You can use Salesforce as your source of user information and login credentials for your other SaaS and Internet applications.
  • Users login to the Salesforce portal, then directly access their other Internet-based applications by simply clicking a link.
  • No further authentication is required, minimizing login failures and password resets.


Our CTO (Walter Dewildt) captures the benefits well –

“With Ping Identity’s Universal Login, Salesforce becomes the hosted identity provider, reducing license, infrastructure and ongoing maintenance costs of traditional identity stores, while leveraging the Salesforce platform’s reliability and security.”


Check out the full press release here.