Forgot my password again? aarrghh

SaaS is great isn’t it?  The only glitch is that sometimes it feels like you are back in the 90s when you had to login to every app you used, a problem which was long ago solved for on-premise applications (think LDAP and all those single sign-on technologies).


Then along comes Ping Identity and Google, lucky for us.


You may have seen the Google latest post re the OpenId API availability for Premier and Education accounts.


What’s so cool about this is that corporations can utilise their Google Apps credentials to authenticate them to their SaaS applications.  Even better, using PingConnect (which utilises the Google OpenID API) you can utilise your Google Apps login details to get access to Salesforce and just about any SaaS app available.


Sound like technobabble?  check out this login demo on the Ping site, it’s so simple even I can understand it.