Form Assembly E-Signature

Form Assembly now allows you to capture e-signature. So how can we capture and store the signature image in Salesforce?

The sample scenario used in this article is to capture the signature image and store in Salesforce as the attachment.


Connector setup:

After enabling e-signature in Form Assembly, you will need to set up the connector in Form Assembly. For example:

esignature as attachment


The form will automatically attach the image to Salesforce when %%ESIG_SIGNATURE_IMG%% is mapped to body. For more aliases, refer to the documentation here –



  • You need to specify an extension in the File Name mapping, ie: Signature.png. If this is not done, the image will not have an extension when it is downloaded from Salesforce.
  • You won’t be able to see the actual image inside Salesforce, as it will send it as an attachment or download link.