Get a Better Understanding of Student Applications in Salesforce SIS

Student Applications provide you with a better view of the level of acceptances to Courses offered. Let’s dig in a little deeper, you’ll see other angles such as:

1.Who prefers what?

    • As an example, the Bachelor of Creative Multimedia is more popular among female students as opposed to male students these past 2 years.

2. Which are the most sorted Courses?

    • Which are the top 2 courses that have the most applications in the past 2 years?

3. What are the application statistics like?

    • Is the application for Bachelor of Information System improving within these last 2 years?


With the Application data residing in RIO Education, you can easily set up Einstein Analytics Dashboard by Salesforce. This will give you all the angles mentioned above. The best part is that with just a toggle of a filter, you can see all the numbers change! How great is that?



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