Get on board with Transforming the Collection of Student Information (TCSI) project

Are you aware of the changes affecting Student data reporting?

WDCi are!  And we’ll be keeping you up to date on our progress as we enhance our RIO Education package to suit these changes.


What is TCSI?

The TSCI project was designed to improve Student Information data collection. This will allow Education Providers and Students to have a simpler process when working with the Department for Education and Training and the Department of Human Services.
We want to ensure that our RIO Education customer is able to comply with the future TCSI Integration. How are we doing this? By participating in testing and development workshops (over the next few months) to keep informed and updated on changes.


Who does it affect?

TCSI affects all Education Providers, including Higher Education and VET. It will change how they can report their Student data to the respective Australian Government Departments.
As these changes will affect all Student Management Systems (SMS), WDCi is actively working with HEIMS and the TCSI team to ensure that our SMS, RIO Education, built on the Salesforce platform, is ready to go with the updated reporting requirements.


Where can I get more information?

The HEIMS TCSI page is updated regularly with new documents and details about the project.

WDCi will be attending all relevant webinars and workshops to stay on top of the changes as they happen. WDCI will continue to develop and enhance RIO Education to remain compliant with the HEIMS reporting requirements.