Give Your Students Complete Control of Their Futures

Students lead very busy lives. Like fellow Faculty members – their schedules might require frequent changes to suit their busy schedules. Students would also like the ability to check their program progress and what they need to do to complete that selected program. Luckily for students attending RIO University, these can be accessed all within the Student Community.


All Students need to do is:

  • Go to “Program” in the Student Community
  • If you select “Major” Student’s can view all Mandatory courses for their selected Major
  • Selecting “Pathway” will show Student’s all units for their selected semester. This is where they can update their Schedules


An even added bonus – students can even check their grades from previous courses within the student community. Are students having trouble? There is a solution for that too. Students can send through support requests using “Cases”


Give Students back their control today with RIO Education!