Grade management made easy in your Salesforce Student Information System

Grading is the process of applying a set of measurements on students achievements from their courses/units.

With a high volume of enrollments in each semester, grading can be daunting. However, both Salesforce and RIO Education can help in improving the grading process.



1. By utilising the Salesforce standard “List View” feature, users can easily filter and list out all the course offerings for a particular semester (the current semester to focus on).

2. Then, with an added function users will be able to quickly identify on the following:

    • Courses where grading is yet to begin (red)
    • Courses where grading is in progress (yellow)
    • Courses where grading is completed (green)



3. When grading is completed and the grades are ready to be published (green), users can simply check on a flag “Release Grades”. RIO Education’s built-in function will:

      • Translate the Grades to Grade Values e.g.  High Distinction, Distinction, Credit and etc.
      • Make the results of the grades available for the students in the Student Community.


Release Grade


Grade Translation



Grade Published (in Student Community) 


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