Graduate Employment Rate in Salesforce SIS

It’s often said that studying in a university provides students with an advantage in their future careers. They will be able to apply for jobs that require:

  • Graduates or
  • Courses that the students have studied that may be relevant to some employers or
  • The grades that the students have achieved may be relevant to some employers


However, the above isn’t always the case.


What if the graduation rate has increased but the unemployment ratio remains significant? What could be the cause?

  • Students enrolled in the wrong course?
  • Do students have unsatisfactory results?
  • Students decided to further their studies?


Before jumping into any conclusion, you will need some numbers to support your analysis. Start by building some analytical charts to give you a quick overall picture of what’s happening. For example:

  • What are my graduation rates for the past 2 years? Have they increased?
  • What are the ratios for employment vs unemployment rates for the past 2 years? Have they improved?
  • What is the number of graduates who are unemployed based on the Courses that they have graduated from?


To achieve the above, go to Salesforce Einstein Analytics and begin by crunching the data within RIO Education.



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