Handling Enrollment Eligibility and Competency in your Salesforce SIS

As you know many courses will have prerequisites required before applying. For students wishing to apply, it’s vital this information is collected on time so that applications can be processed.


Thanks to RIO Education our SIS built on the Salesforce platform, it’ll make your life so much easier. 


For example, a student wants to enrol into a post-grad course for “Financial Accounting”. They’ll need to prove they have completed required prerequisites and/or are equipped with prerequisite qualifications, i.e:

  • Completed a fundamental financial course provided by the Institute
  • Completed an equivalent subject offered by another other tertiary institution


This can be done by implementing the competency automation framework in RIO Education. The framework defines:

  • Identifying the competency needed to enrol into a certain subject/course
  • Identifying the necessary pathway for achieving the competency, ie: obtaining a certain qualification/completed certain subjects in a degree
  • Configuring a study entry screen/linked up with RIO education enrollment module
  • Configuring the Competency framework engine to automate the competency granting process when a valid study entry is made




Get this right and your admin workload will be reduced. 


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