Help Your Students Succeed with RIO Education

Higher Education providers spend significant time and effort in ensuring students complete their journeys and graduate. To do this requires beefing up student retention. Resulting in an increase to students graduation rates and decrease students drop out or transfers. 
Any well-planned strategy needs to have an engaging comprehensive Student Management System.
RIO Education provides a simple and efficient way for Students and Higher Educational teams to:
  • Manage information that they need (e.g. student enrolments, study progress, results)
  • Post and share questions and answers.

Pathway Guidance

There are many ways for Students to complete their Programs, which can sometimes result in longer study journeys. Worse, some Students are clueless about what the next course of action is.
RIO Education has a feature that presents Students with a recommended pathway to complete their Program of choice. The recommended pathways serve as guidance for students on what are the best options for completing their study journey. For example, a Bachelor of Science Program may consist of a full-time pathway spanning 8 terms (4 years) or part-time spanning 16 terms (8 years). With access to this information readily available, students will have a better grasp of their options.

Student Status

The Higher Education team need the ability to identify at-risk students early. RIO Education can provide consolidated information such as student attendance, progress and results. These are telltale signs if the students are catching up or not, providing the users with an early alert to make a difference.


Studying difficulties is a norm for Students everywhere. When these difficulties are not addressed, students can lose interest and give up their study journeyRIO Education allows easy access for students to log any inquiries and difficulties to the Student Support team. These can be completed by logging into a Student Community and raising the Student Support.