How Comfort Heat used Salesforce to transform their IT and benefit customers.

“We were looking for a total solution that can address our existing issue, and we knew that Salesforce would be the right option. The solution that WDCi has implemented for our team in Salesforce was spot on, and we immediately saw the benefits” – Sandra Skelly – CEO

It was an excellent opportunity to work with the team at Comfort Heat to implement Salesforce.  Comfort Heat is a company that provides a full range of hydronic and electric underfloor heating products tailored to client’s heating needs, for all floor coverings, both electric and hydronic.

The team is equipped with expertise in both electric and hydronic floor heating systems providing the 2 "E"s - effective and efficient heating solution for the clients.


The Challenge

The team at Comfort Heat are always looking for ways to improve their customer's experience.  The team was finding that while the current process worked – it was very manual and time-consuming.  The challenges the team faced were:

  • Inquiries from the web were captured and then followed up in different systems
  • High chance of duplicate records due to the double handling of data and multiple systems
  • Lack of ability to cross-reference data and find critical information
  • Backup process required a complex set of steps


The Solution

Comfort Heat chose to engage and implement Salesforce for better data management, providing better user experience and improving efficiency.

As the consultant and implementer of Salesforce for Comfort Heat, WDCi leveraged previous experiences in helping similar customers in this market to develop a robust solution which was still going to be easy to adopt.  The solution provides users with the facility to search, manage and backup the information using Salesforce out-of-the-box features, such as the powerful search functionality and data export capability.

Apart from that, with custom data modelling and automation, a more complete and seamless process was setup in Salesforce from inquiries and leads (Auto lead generation called Web 2 lead has been developed final deployment is pending) through to the deployment and post-sale tracking of sites for Comfort Heat and their customers.


The Benefits

With Salesforce, Comfort Heat users can now:

  • Automatic generation of a Salesforce Lead from a web inquiry (Web to Lead functionality is developed - deployment is pending)
  • Manage Leads and convert them
  • Store Installation site details
  • Ability to store tasks against site details
  • Reduce duplicate issues with the added search feature
  • Backup Data with minimal clicks
  • Generate Reports on-demand


The Delivery

Two of the main concerns for all companies when it comes to system migration would be the user acceptance level of the new system, and legacy data availability.  WDCi ensured that the training and transition process for Comfort Heat’s users was well planned ensuring a smooth switch over. As for the data migration, specific strategies were drawn out to bring in data from multiple systems into Salesforce without any complications.