How long does it take to integrate Salesforce and Netsuite?

Well, it depends…

Ok, I realise that isn’t helpful, so here’s an example.


First some assumptions/caveats on Salesforce and Netsuite integration:

  1. Your implementations of Salesforce and Netsuite are in reasonable order, customization is ok, we’re just assuming that you haven’t used duplicate field names in Netsuite and if so, that you understand your data and can identify these.
  2. We also assume that you will play a large part in the identifying the fields to be mapped in each system.
  3. Systems will be locked down during development.
  4. Data migration is not part of the exercise.
  5. We’re using an integration tool that has connectors/adapters for each system.


So, assuming the above here’s an idea of how long we would take to integrate 3 common objects between Netsuite & Salesforce, ie Account-Customer, Contact-Contact and Opportunity-Opportunity or Opportunity-Invoice.  Our approach is rapid, not reckless:



Can we do it quicker?

  • It depends on the assumptions above and how quickly you can work with us to complete the job.


What typically impacts the timeline?

  • Field mapping detail and complexity
  • A clearly defined and well-understood business process
  • System availability, People availability (sign-off, testing)
  • Data cleanliness (see this blog on the impact of data quality)


Want to know more, just ping us and we can quickly give you a scope of how long it would take.  You can also check out our We Did section on our website for some examples of recent integrations we have built.