How to integrate with MYOB Accounting

MYOB Accounting Plus and Premier use an underlying data file to hold the records. In the current versions, this is not a relational database, making traditional integration difficult. MYOB have over the years released a series of ODBC drivers. These have allowed programs such as Word and Excel to extract data and in some cases, insert data to MYOB. WDCi have taken this ODBC driver and created connectors for several integration platforms.

These connectors enable the integration of MYOB into nearly any platform or application, whether hosted or on-premise.

With this framework, it is now cost effective to have an online eCommerce site integrated directly with MYOB to post order or invoice data and extract product data. Alternatively, you can connect your CRM or ERP system into your MYOB accounting system.

The main objects that are typically integrated are:

Company and individual contact information

Product (Item) information

Opportunity and Sales data to an Orders/Invoices within MYOB

Shopping cart invoice and payment replication to MYOB

Anything in MYOB can be exposed and integrated to a vast array of applications, once you know how.  For more information contact us or check out our ReadyMade solutions for pre-built MYOB integration solutions.