How We Can Help Reduce Administrator Headaches With One Easy Solution

Administrators already have enough on their plates. They need to ensure that the school year runs smoothly, programs are updated for Faculty and have countless other tasks to complete daily. What makes their lives even more headache-inducing is having legacy systems that aren’t communicating. It results in wasting precious time and resources that can be used elsewhere.


We’ve taken on board some of these key problems and have created a solution.


Here are some key areas that administrators want to be addressed:

  • Assign class assignments to faculty and get required verification on the go
  • Automate government reporting submissions in real-time through TCSI new API access
  • Automate government reporting data preparation for manual uploads
  • Automate student’s completion and program requirement notifications
  • An automated appointment scheduling system
  • Full 360-degree view of students (Including Student information and their progress)
  • Send alerts that will reach both Student and Faculty
  • Real-time data availability and updating with customizable dashboards


Any of the above apply to you?

Try RIO Education for Salesforce solution. Change the way you work with RIO Education.



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