HTML Email Tracker & Reporting

Tracking emails can be useful for customers such as Salesperson. They are usually busy with making a lot of phone calls.

So to help lessen the burden, tracking emails to narrow down the possibilities can help Salesperson to decide on which prospects to call based on the number of times they open the email.

Higher the number of times, higher then possibility.


How does HTML Email Tracker work?

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The concept of HTML email tracker is simple. Each time user sends an HTML email, there will be a picture image attached. The picture is a 1×1 pixel image, it is so small that it is normally transparent.

When the recipient opens the email, the mail program (ie. Outlook) will scan for images and attempt to download them. Thus, Salesforce is able to track from there and update the status.


! Take note that the tracker will fail to work if the recipient configured their browser to not download any embedded images.

Before setting up, Do make sure that the email tracking is checked. (Setup | Customize | Activities | Activity Settings)



Once tracker is enabled, go to any object that email is sent from (ie. contacts), edit the page layout and make sure that a related list (HTML Email Status) is pulled out.


email status



We can also build our own reports on tracking email. Create a new report on Activities, select HTML Email Status.


email report

! This report is only available for the person who sends the email. Even for Admin or managers, if they are not the sender, this report basically wont be doing any good.