I have Salesforce EDA, do I still need a SMS/SIS?

It’s surprising how many times I have heard this question.  Salesforce has its Education Data Architecture (EDA), formerly known as HEDA.  You may be more familiar with the term Education Cloud.


So do I still a Student Information system?

Yes and no. To understand the answer it would help to know the current scope of what EDA solves.

EDA is a data architecture (data model) designed to provide a 360% view of students. It manages Affiliations, record keeping and analytics really well. EDA is Salesforce, so of course, you  get communities, leads and marketing, ticket/support management and access to the thousands of AppExchange apps.

What’s the gap? well capabilities such as:

  • Faculty management and scheduling
  • Class / Room Scheduling
  • Timetabling
  • Online Enrollment
  • Fee Management
  • Pre-Requisite management
  • Automated completion engine
  • Progression management

Why not integrate with your current SIS/SMS?  Sure you can but where is the value in that if you have invested in Salesforce.


The good news is we have you covered

We have worked tirelessly for years to bridge the gap from EDA to a fully functioning Student Management/Information System.  RIO Education is fully EDA compatible so you can build on your current investment.

RIO Education is not only extendable it’s highly configurable. Got a custom requirement that your current system is struggling to offer? no problem, we have you covered.  All this on the worlds #1 CRM, Salesforce.

Want to know more? Contact Us or register for one of our Vocational or Higher Education Webinars and let us show you how you can build on your EDA investment