Improving Faculty Management with RIO Education

What is the faculty? A faculty is an organisational unit or department in an education institution. Its purpose is delivering academic programs to those educational institutions (e.g. Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Arts). These faculties are made up of academic professionals such as professors and trainers. Program delivery for faculty members plays a major role in the success of a student’s experience at the institution.


Pain points can keep the focus from faculty members doing what they do best. Pain points are causing them to juggle between administrative, teaching and research tasks.


“The first one is eating my brain out and I seem to be forever running behind and feeling overwhelmed.”– A faculty member.


What faculty members will enjoy is a frictionless system. A system which automates and can manage administrative workloads. This will help keep the focus on professional development and research. Also reaching out more to underrepresented students with delivering successful student experience.


Handle the bureaucracy within educational institutions with satisfaction with RIO Education.


Program and Course Session Setup

Before starting a semester, faculty members will be able to start setting up programs, courses, funding and forms. This will minimise the workload by using versions templates to allow adjustments to clone program records.


Paperless and Streamlined Attendance Marking

Go green with paperless attendance marking and eliminate double entries. Attendance can be marked in the faculty portal during the course session. This information will then be auto-calculated into the student profile as part of the program course requirement.


Grading Setup and Mass Grading Release

Automatically grade student score based on the grading setup details. Selective or mass result generation with a single button. RIO Education also supports connecting to other grading records that reside in external systems.


Mobile Access to View, Accept, Reject Sessions

Keeping track of schedules can be difficult when faculty members are away from their desks. With their mobile devices, they will never miss an alert of upcoming sessions. They will also be able to accept or reject sessions assigned to them via their mobile devices. No delayed response as they can act on the tasks on the go.


Connect with Student Groups

Encourage two-way communication between students and faculty members through the faculty portal. The portal will allow faculty members the ability to broadcast to students events such as session replacement. Students will also be able to reach out to their tutors and lecturers. Notification alerts can be configured.


Report Functionality

Provide insight into the faculty members’ schedule and program involvement through reporting.