Integrate Jira with Support System

If you are using Jira as an issue/defect management system and you have a separate support system, you may have all the dilemmas like the others:

  • You need to purchase additional user license for each developer to access to your support system
  • You need to purchase a new user license for each support engineer to access Jira
  • Support tickets are not linked with an issue in Jira
  • When an issue is resolved in Jira, customers are not updated in the support system


The above scenario are some common integration challenge you will see in most organisations who are using Jira and other case/ticket management system such as Salesforce, RightNow, Parature, etc. With our RIO solution, we can help you to solve this problem.


Jira Integration


Benefits of integrating these systems together:

  • You don’t have to purchase extra seats/users in both system
  • Developers and support engineers can now collaborate better
  • Engineer can act as a communication medium between developers and customers
  • Jira issues can be linked with multiple support cases. Developers can prioritise based on the priority and urgency of an issue.
  • Once a Jira issue is updated, customers will automatically receive update from the support system