Integrating Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains with eConnect

eConnect is a medium that allows integration between Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains (Dynamics GP) with other applications. The following are some information related to eConnect:


  • provide programmatic access to Dynamics GP data
  • uses XML documents for data communication
  • implemented as a set of database stored procedures installed on the Dynamics GP  database server
  • the stored procedures ensure that the data import are valid and compliant with Dynamics GP


For detailed information about eConnect:


In order to configure the integration between the applications, the eConnect connection needs to be established with the application’s underlying database – Microsoft SQL Server. eConnect stores the available objects that can be executed on. One should be able to retrieve/send data from/to Dynamics GP based on the supported objects.





Note that this list has the corresponding physical table name for the objects as well as the associated fields. For example:

The Cash Receipt object is referenced as table name: RM10201 within the database


In our work of integrating with Dynamics GP, most of the object queries are supported in eConnect. However, there were also times where eConnect does not support every object query and send method that we need. Hence, when there is a need for more advanced queries, one of the options is to:

1. insert a new row into eConnect_out_Setup and specify the table/trigger to use

2. create stored procedure to link with the records


To identify the corresponding table, see: