Integrating Netsuite and Salesforce

Ever wonder how Salesforce and Netsuite could compliment each other? Here is an example.

You may be managing all your customers’ information as well as tracking all the related opportunities in Salesforce and on the other hand, you use Netsuite to manage all the invoices issued to your customers. It would be a hassle to ensure all sold products and invoice transactions performed in Netsuite are tracked/linked correctly in the associated opportunities created in Salesforce when you are doing it manually. An easier consideration would be to automate this business processes. A simple diagram below illustrates how each applications’ entities/objects could relate and bring benefits to one another when they are integrated:-
You have an idea on how you want your Netsuite and Salesforce to work together? Feel free to contact us to discuss or check out our portfolio if you are interested to learn more on how these two powerful applications could compliment each other.