Integrating Salesforce, Netsuite and OpenAir

We’ve recently built out an end-end process integrating Salesforce, Netsuite and OpenAir.


The end-end process goes like this:

  • Successful Opportunities in Salesforce generate Sales Orders in Netsuite.  Opportunities of a specific type also generate Netsuite Projects and OpenAir projects.
  • Payment updates are synchronised across from Netsuite to Salesforce, providing visibility to the sales team.
  • Project updates are synchronised from OpenAir to Netsuite and Salesforce, providing visibility to finance as well as sales teams.
  • Netsuite is the Item Master and Item details are synchronised to Salesforce Products.
  • When a Customer creates is required in Netsuite (in order to generate a Sales Order) or OpenAir (for Project creation), the integration processes handles this as well.


End result:

  • No re-keying of data for invoicing purposes
  • The Services Team has instant visibility into new projects just sold by Sales
  • Sales have visibility into payment status for their clients
  • Sales have visibility into project delivery status for their clients
  • Finance has visibility into project delivery status for invoicing and revenue recognition purposes



  • There were some complexities of the customer’s Item/Product data
  • Salesforce was enhanced with custom objects to store the invoicing and project data and link that to the original opportunity
  • The main challenge was to bring the parties together and defining the business process flow


Want to know more, just contact us for the details.