Integrating Salesforce With WorkflowMax

WorkflowMax is typically used for it’s capability to manage job, time and invoice operations. For this reason, both WorkflowMax and Salesforce frequently co-exist in an organisation.


Salesforce would be utilised for:
sales cycle tracking; from lead to converted opportunity


WorkflowMax would be utilised for:
tracking delivery time for any successful converted opportunity from SF


The feature for both applications are in place to meet the demand of the business. However, this setup presents some issues for the users specifically:

  • the details of the records from both applications are not visible to one another
  • users need to constantly check the Salesforce opportunity status so that any required projects/jobs are created in WorkflowMax
  • users need to constantly check for WorkflowMax job status so that the opportunity in Salesforce is updated


The above scenarios can be overcome once the following integration is in place:

  • Salesforce Account > create/update > WorkflowMax Client
  • Salesforce Opportunity (Closed Won) > create > WorkflowMax Job
  • WorkflowMax Job (Completion Status) > update > Salesforce Opportunity