Integrating SATAC and Callista with RightNow

SATAC is a course application system used by the South Australian universities/TAFE. Students use the system to apply to the course and institution specifying their preferences from higher to lower. The educational institutions can then retrieve course application information from SATAC and process the data according to their specific requirements.


Based on experience, many institutions also use an external LMS system to keep track of records. One of the commonly used LMS systems is RightNow. Here is a standard data flow for integrating SATAC with RightNow:

  • SATAC Applicant (Database) > RightNow Contact
  • SATAC Application (Database) > RightNow Opportunity


From there, a report to show how the institution fares among the other institutions in terms of applicant preferences can be generated in RightNow. This is just one of the benefits of integrating the data between SATAC and RightNow.


For more technical specs on this data flow, take a look at:


To spice up the mix, we have also had experience with a solution that includes integrating SATAC, RightNow and Callista. Both SATAC and Callista records are integrated into RightNow in addition to the integration points defined above:

  • Callista Student (Database) > RightNow Contact
  • Callista Enrollment (Database) > RightNow Opportunity


The above process looks in RightNow for a matching email record to the SATAC record. ┬áIf a match is found it updates the RightNow contact to mark that the applicant has been converted to the institution’s permanent student.


With the records integrated to RightNow, a report on the conversion rate from the applicant to the permanent student can be generated in RightNow.