Integrating to RightNow


Description Cloud Customer Service Application
Trial Version with API Access N/A
Protocol SOAP
Data Format XML
Authentication WS-Security Authentication: Requires Username and Password
API Limits 100 ROQL statements per SOAP request
10,000 ROQL output objects or rows per SOAP request
1,000 objects on Create, Get, Update& Destroy operation
100 Batch items per SOAP request
10,000 total input objects per SOAP request
Sample Use Case Callista’s Student Record > create/update > RightNow’s Contact
Callista’s Student Enrollment > create/update > RightNow’s Opportunity
Salesforce’s Account/Contact > create/update > RightNow’s Organization/Contact
Salesforce’s Cases > create/update > RightNow’s Incident
F2I 3.5