Integrating with Boomi, hear our customers @ Dreamforce

Hear Amrith Nambiar from Mindjet talk about running integration in a 100% cloud environment and Bill Vanderwall from Scientific Learning on integrating into a hybrid cloud and on-premise environment:

Some interesting takeaways:

  • Nate Bride talks about the Boomi community approach and gives a plug to the WDCi built JIRA connector that is available via the Boomi public atmosphere – thanks, Nate.
  • Bill talks about selecting Boomi over Cast Iron due to the user interface but most importantly due to the Total Cost of Ownership – Boomi is more affordable.
  • Both Bill and Amrith talk about the complexity of bidirectional integration of data, ie which system is the master and how to ensure data integrity in this model.
  • Amrith’s 4 keys to success:
  1. Focus on the business process.
  2. Limit your scope to only what systems are needed for your first project.
  3. Get the right partner (thanks, Amrith).
  4. Accept that the interfaces/integration processes will be tuned over time –  don’t expect to build out everything in the first phase if you have complex or dependent business processes.
  • Amrith mentions the custom reporting and error handling infrastructure we have put in place to enable Mindjet to check and validate synchronised data between Salesforce and Netsuite.
  • At the end of the recording, you can hear Walter Dewildt from WDCi answer a question on how to decide if you should push volumes of data to your target application or simply expose data in the source and retrieve as necessary.


Want to know more, check out the Mindjet case study