Integrating your Student Information System – its a no brainer

We know that when you integrate your SIS you get some real ROI as well as the ability to analyse all the data for your organisation.  


Being built on the Salesforce platform enables RIO Education to utilise the best API in the business, making integration a breeze.


Here’s a simple diagram of what a Salesforce and Education ecosystem could look like:

Jargon alert!  If you’re researching this, you’ll run into these terms for the Salesforce API:

    • Supports both XML and JSON
    • Uses the WSDL file as a formal contract between the API and consumer
  3. Bulk API
    • Specialized RESTful API for loading and querying lots of data at once ( > 50,000 records)


Sound like a bunch of technospeak?


No worries, we have pre-built integrations so that you can get into production fast.


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