Integration Tips: Synchronize Picklist Value Part 1

Different system has different way to manage the picklist values. For integration, it is important to understand how the picklist values are represented in API.

Here are some of the types of picklist values can be appeared as:


1. Value is represented by same value as front-end


For example in Salesforce, the “Ownership” picklist field in Account object:-



Uses the same label value via API as well:-



In this case, when integration process is synchronizing this field, we could just use the same label value as available.



2. Value is represented by ID via API


For example in JIRA, the standard “Priority” field picklist:-



Uses ID instead of the actual label seen in the user interface:-



From the example above, we can see that:-


 Priority Label  Priority ID
 Blocker  1
 Critical  2
 Major  3
 Minor  4
 Trivial  5


For this type of picklist values, we can synchronize this field by maintaining a reference table in the integration process which reflects the actual picklist value and its corresponding ID.


As such, be sure to check the type of picklist involved in your integration process and determine which approach to use instead prior to working on the field mapping.