Integration with MYOB

We had several clients ask us about MYOB integration. After doing some research we realised why all the solutions we could find were custom code, not true integration. If you are wondering why this isn’t suitable for everyone, you may find our comparison of custom code versus RIO helpful. These clients were interested in synchronising data with several SaaS applications such as Salesforce and @task and they wanted a true integration solution that allowed for flexibility moving forward and didn’t cost a bomb to maintain.


We have built an MYOB connector to address this issue and provide our customers with the ability to connect MYOB with just about any system. Our MYOB integration solution can be implemented in days and is maintained for you, so fewer hassles if you need to extract or synchronise different data or connect to different systems moving forward.


If you are interested in a trial of our MYOB connector, email and we’ll set it up for you.