Jaycar Electronics Group delivers a personalised customer experience across multiple business units with Salesforce


“Our customers are individuals and have their own fields of interests which they are passionate about.  Salesforce is enabling us to bring a greater personal touch to the relationship we have with them.  We are looking forward to extending this capability so that we can bring even more benefits to our customers.” – Dave Burns, Digital Delivery Manager.


Jaycar is a leading Australian and New Zealand based electronics retail company.  They have over 120 stores across multiple retail and wholesale business units and are a favourite destination for their buyers who are electronics enthusiasts and have a genuine love of the products they buy.  Jaycar was new to Salesforce and was looking centralise their view of the customer.



One of the most important objectives in the retail business is to understand your customer.  You then want to customise their experience in both online and in-store.  To achieve this Jaycar was looking for ways to:

  • Consolidate key data from different systems.
  • Automate lead and case generation.
  • Deploy across multiple divisions with the required security mechanisms.

Manage customer service for support in Salesforce.



Jaycar and WDCi formed a partnership to architect, develop and deploy this next phase solution.  WDCi’s background in Salesforce integration enabled the single view to be achieved.  The solution comprised:

  • The right security to ensure all data is private and only shared with the relevant Jaycar staff.
  • Rules-based management of leads across multiple divisions as well as auto-responses in place.
  • Automatic capture of leads and cases directly from the Web and email.
  • Enhancements to Salesforce to store updates from Jaycars ERP system in a seamless manner.
  • Salesforce Service Cloud – bringing the Jaycar customer service team into Salesforce.



  • A 360-degree view of the customer.
  • Key ERP data in Salesforce through integration.
  • Ability to customise Marketing campaigns – addressing customers needs with more intelligence.
  • Complete control over customer service engagements from case generation to resolution.