Jitterbit Data Loader for Salesforce – Bulk API in serial or parallel mode

I know, I know, enough already on the Salesforce Bulk API running in serial or parallel mode.  I promise this is the last blog on this topic, but we couldn’t help ourselves and had to go back and take another look at the new Jitterbit tool to see if it supported the serial mode option for the Salesforce Bulk API.


The good news is that it does.


It’s not necessary to perform any particular setup or configuration to enable this feature in the Jitterbit Data Loader. When you create a bulk job via the “Bulk Processes” section in Jitterbit Data Loader, you will see the following:


When you create a bulk loading operation (upsert, insert, etc.) the BULK API configuration is configured in the job’s Advanced Options > Operation Options section in which you can:
  1. edit the Batch Settings (i.e. records per file, characters per file)
  2. set the concurrency mode to Serial mode (Parallel is the default mode)
  3. set whether to Compress the data



You can find out more about the Jitterbit Data Loader from their website and community.