Jitterbit: Export & Importing Field Mapping

Field mapping is important in data migration because it is used to define which field in the spreadhseet should map with which field in Salesforce. It is easy to map a field in Jitterbit, but how can we save time from re-mapping the same object with the same fields and use a one-time off field mapping for each insert, upsert or update?

You can use a Jitterbit built in feature to deal with this:


Exporting Field Mapping:

After mapping, you can actually save it:

  • Right click on the center of the field mapping workspace, choose Export Mapping.
  • Choose a location to save your .XML mapping.


Importing Field Mapping:

To use an existing field mapping:

  • Right click on the center of the field mapping workspace, choose Import Mapping.
  • Choose a location to select saved .XML mapping.


Field Mapping


Jitterbit might promp a warning when field mapping is not found. Warning usually prompt when:

1) Field name changed in spreadsheet.

2) Field name changed in Salesforce.

3) Field name is no longer available in both sides.


mapping error


The window box highlighted in purple square shows the list of fields that Jitterbit failed to map.

To fix this, you will have to manually re-map each of the error field shown in red string. ie: example shown in blue square above.

Once fields are mapped correctly, simple click on save or deploy symbol on the right top corner to verify the mapping.